Disgusting Hollywood

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Did you watch the Oscar nomination show? Of course not, but one of the movies nominated for Best Picture, Lead Actor, Screenplay Adaption and Song is a movie about gay statutory rape.
In light of all the #Metoo and child molestation in Hollywood, the fact that this movie got nominated for an Oscar for BEST PICTURE(!) is amazing to me.

Here’s the plot:

It’s about a 17-year-old boy. Not 18. 17.He could have been 18, but they made him 17. He’s living in Italy with his professor dad. His dad brings home a graduate student. The two have girlfriends but become sexually attracted to each other. The older guy brags about having sex with his girlfriend to gauge the 17-year-olds reaction.

The 17-year-old sneaks into the grad student’s room to smell his bathing suit while he masturbates to it. They end up kissing when they go swimming and then have sex on the patio. While in bed, the older guy says, “Call me by your name, and I’ll call you by mine.” Which is a really manipulative and predatory thing to say to someone.
So we have a movie about gay statutory rape. They kepe having sex, then the summer is over, and the grad student later reveals to everyone he is engaged to a woman. Th kid is sad, but his dad comforts him telling him it’s okay, he too once had a beautiful love affair with a friend when he was a boy.

Let me be clear, I’m not saying, “Hey, guys, there’s this weird indie movie out there that no one has ever heard of, but let me make a big deal about it to prove how righteous and holy I am.”

This movie is nominated for BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR.” IT was made by a major studio, distributed by Sony, and then given a platform of prominence by the Motion Picture Academy.
A scene in the book, the 17-year-old sees a peach, he says it looks like a butt, He fingers the peach, removes the pit and then masturbates inside the peach. H leaves it on the desk.

The grad student comes in and sees the violated peach. This is from the book:
“I watched him put the peach in his mouth and slowly begin to eat it, staring at me so intensely that I thought even lovemaking didn’t go so far…I could tell he was tasting it at that very instant. Something that was mine was in his mouth, more his than mine now. I don’t know what happened to me at that moment as I kept staring at him, but suddenly, I had a fierce urge to cry. And rather than fight it, as with orgasm, I simply let myself go, if only to show him something equally private about me as well. I reached for him and muffled my sobs against his shoulder. I was crying because no stranger had ever been so kind or gone so far for me….I was crying because I’d never known so much gratitude and there was no other way to show it.”


Listen, if someone wants to make some erotic gay porn book, I don’t care, I really don’t. Somone wants to make a movie about it, whatever sicko. But for the Academy, IN THE MIDST OF ALL OF THIS: Kevin Spacy raping boys, child paedophilia allegations throughout Hollywood, boys and girls molested by stunt men to directors, women systematically being taken advantage of and abused, physically and emotionally, to ELEVATE THIS MOVIE to a position of prominence is disgusting.

Ths isn’t even about the gay aspect of the movie. It would still be a sick, twisted perverted scene if the guy had his girlfriend or wife eat this peach. This woman I love and exalt and respect. Who even thinks of this stuff??
My dad never watched movies in the theatre, but I remember one year he said he’s going to watch all the Oscar Best Picture nominees. He started with Black Swan and said, “I’m never doing that again.”

Hopefully, if anyone decides to watch all of the movies nominated for Best Picture this year, they don’t start in alphabetical order and watch this garbage.
This is a depraved culture. PLEASE be careful about what you allow in your home.


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