Stop AB 2943!

I want to share this bill here in case you thought the whole transgender obsession was a fluke or a fad and would just go away like it never happened. No.

AB2943 is the most shockingly, obviously, blatantly unconstitutional bill I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t even mention this bill if it was just proposed because no way would anyone actually vote for it. But it’s passed though two committees and the State Assembly so far. This thing is probably going to pass!

It would make it illegal for any counselor to say anything to try and “eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex.” So, a married woman goes to see a counselor and says she feels an attraction to another woman, the counselor can’t say, “Hmmm, let’s work through this so you can stay married to your husband and keep your family intact.”

That would be illegal.

Another part of this bill: a religious ministry can’t have a conference where a speaker talks about avoiding homosexual behavior. So, next month, I’m giving two speeches at men’s retreats at churches. I don’t have anything in there about homosexuality, but if I said anything about fighting unwanted same-sex attraction, then I would be breaking the law.

I’m not exaggerating.

And there’s a third part of the bill that’s even worse. You can’t sell any books that challenge gender identity ideology and advocate against transgenderism or homosexuality.

How can this be? The exact language bans the selling of any books that “seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation”.

Here’s another bill: AB 2110. This is a Todd Gloria bill, “foster care kids struggling with transgender feelings [must] have access to ‘gender affirming’ counseling, puberty blocking drugs, and sex-change operations.”

Foster kids must have access to puberty blocking drugs.

So a boy thinks he’s a girl and wants puberty blocking drugs, the state must provide this kid with puberty blocking drugs to prevent puberty. The idea is then it’s easier to perform surgery on him when he’s older.

We talked about this on my local radio show in San Diego, and someone said, “Who can we talk to to stop this!” I said, well, the Assemblyman who wrote the law is one of our San Diego reps, he’s gay, and the co-sponsor in the state senate ran an abortion clinic before she senator. So good luck changing their minds on this bill.

I’ve never seen a more blatant violation of you freedom of speech, conscience, and even press. Again, it would be illegal for a counselor to help a client overcome same sex attraction, even if the client wants help overcoming same sex attraction. The counselor can only help the client act on their same-sex attraction.

This law is a disaster. Help me fight it: