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Shapiro, Peterson and Abortion

Truth Exists.

It’s sad that this needs to be stated out loud, but it does.

This is a great example of how far we’ve fallen. This is Ben Shapiro at UCONN:


Let’s go to the root of this: Truth exists.

The progressive philosophy is that there is no such thing as truth. It’s all relative. Truth is so relative that every question must first be filtered through your identity group. So, in this case, the question is, “Is abortion immoral.” Well, that depends: Are you a woman or are you a man? Are you rich or are you poor? Are you white or are you black? Are you an atheist, or a Christian? Everything has to be seen through the prism of your identity group.

This week we talked with the great Jordan Peterson. I asked him to break down as simply as possible what he means when he says Post-Modern Neo-Marxism, because that sounds like a lot. What does that mean:

Post-modern is “identity politics”. There are many ways of interpreting the world and people are supposed to interpret it based on the personal interests of their identity group; in this case gender.
And then the Neo-Marxist: this is the oppressor vs oppressed. In this case, men, (especially wealthy religious men, but men in general) are oppressing women

Listen to the first 3 words of the students question:

“As a woman”

Already, battle lines are being drawn. Already truth is being defined as relative. “As a woman.”
That should sound as absurd as saying, “As a woman, the acceleration of gravity is 9.8m/s.” “As a woman, the earth orbits the sun.” “As a woman, there are 365 days in a year.”
It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman. These things are true. Period. Regardless of your gender, ethnic group, religious beliefs or any other group identity you might have.

Truth exists. It’s not relative.

So, she starts off with “As a woman.” but then, “how do you defend your opinions as a man, as a white, well-off4, religious man?” So, how do you defend your opinion on this or any issue as someone from a group that we have determined can’t have an opinion?

We as this group, “women”, have decided that this other group can’t have an opinion on this topic LITERALLY ABOUT LIFE OR DEATH.

Do you see how messed up this is? Now, of all the topics in America, this topic, abortion is the one that this belief has become most embedded in the conversation. Because the prodigal pro-abortion advocates have framed it as, “A woman’s choice.” So that created the chasm that says I can’t have a say. And men have abdicated this issue. I like that word, “They have to finally undertake a responsibility or duty.”

Men have, on the whole, handed over this matter of life or death and said, “You’re right. Because of this identity group I’m in, I have no say on this.” And that’s sad, because if there is any issue that men should have a say in, it’s abortion, because men protect the vulnerable and what’s more vulnerable than an unborn baby?

And when there’s an unplanned pregnancy, this is when men to step up. This is when men need to love and lead, and for other men to mentor and encourage. We’re doing this series on facebook on Masculinity: the King, the Warrior, the Magician and the Lover. An unplanned pregnancy is an opportunity for both the would-be-dad and other men to be all four of these aspects of true masculinity, but because we’re in the “wrong identity group”, men do nothing, and hundreds of thousands of babies are killed every year.

The root of it is identity politics, perfectly represented by that question which states, “As a woman” and ends with “How do you defend your option as a man?”

Ben Shapiro rightly responds, “Because evil things are still evil even if I’m a white, well off, religious man.”

“My identity has nothing to do with what is right or wrong.”

Why is post-modern neo maxims, identity politics so dangerous? Because we can’t communicate with each other.

“Why is “truth is relative” so dangerous? Because we can’t talk to each other, and we’ll never come to any conclusion about anything if we can’t first admit that truth exists.

Shapiro: “If we retreat into our identity and truth and our morality is centered around our identity, then morality doesn’t exist at all. I refuse to surrender the idea that I can’t have a moral stance on issues that are of concern to society and of concern to the well being of the United States based on the color of my skin…”

Do not surrender your responsibility to defend the truth, no matter who tells you that you can’t.